RoseWaldorf has obtained numerous dismissal and defense awards at trial, in arbitration proceedings, and in administrative hearings. RW has also secured numerous dismissals short of trial through the use of demurrers or motions to dismiss, or later motions for summary judgment or summary adjudication. RW has handled appeals in multiple jurisdictions, including the highest courts of six states and a number of intermediate appellate courts.

Trials and Arbitrations
Cause of Action Dismissed and Case Withdrawn at Trial

At the start of trial, the Court of Common Pleas dismissed plaintiff’s primary claim against a manufacturer after oral argument on novel jurisdictional grounds.  The plaintiff then elected to dismiss the remaining claims alleging breach of warranty and violation of the consumer protection act prior to a separate Frye hearing involving plaintiff’s expert and his report.

Trials and Arbitrations
No Appeal from Arbitration Award

The firm obtained a unanimous award in favor of a vehicle manufacturer by a three-member panel in Philadelphia, following which Plaintiff took no appeal and allowed judgment to be entered.

Trials and Arbitrations
Case Dismissed after Bench Trial in Massachusetts

After a bench trial, the court entered judgment against a co-defendant, but dismissed the firm’s client, an automotive distributor. The court agreed with the distributor that it was not party to a contract with plaintiff as he had alleged and that there was no agency relationship with the authorized dealership.

Trials and Arbitrations
Case Dismissed after Bench Trial in Connecticut

The court entered judgment for defendant distributor after a bench trial in Connecticut. Plaintiff alleged a defective vehicle, and the court agreed after hearing evidence from both sides that Plaintiff’s claim was  barred by the applicable statute of limitations.

Trials and Arbitrations
Jury Trial Win in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The firm obtained a complete defense verdict in a jury case involving an allegedly defective vehicle and alleged violations of the lemon law and state and federal warranty claims. A Philadelphia jury returned the verdict in favor of defendant after a four-day trial that included multiple experts and witnesses.