RoseWaldorf has obtained numerous dismissal and defense awards at trial, in arbitration proceedings, and in administrative hearings. RW has also secured numerous dismissals short of trial through the use of demurrers or motions to dismiss, or later motions for summary judgment or summary adjudication. RW has handled appeals in multiple jurisdictions, including the highest courts of six states and a number of intermediate appellate courts.

Trials and Arbitrations
Plaintiff’s Expert Precluded at Trial

The Superior Court of New Jersey granted Defendant’s motion in limine and precluded Plaintiff’s purported valuation expert after a separate expert hearing involving an allegedly defective vehicle.

Appellate Victories
Appellate Victory for Manufacturer in West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals

The West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court’s grant of summary judgment after the Kanawha County Circuit Court granted the manufacturer’s summary judgment motion and denied Plaintiff’s motion for reconsideration.

Appellate Victories
High Court Appellate Victory in Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

After first obtaining dismissal of a plaintiff’s claims against the manufacturer in a defective product case, the firm also represented the manufacturer in an indemnification dispute brought by an authorized dealer of the manufacturer’s products.  The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court held in favor of the manufacturer, affirming the favorable decision obtained in the Massachusetts Appeals Court.

Appellate Victories
Appellate Win in Pennsylvania

The firm successfully appealed a case in Pennsylvania state court on the issue of whether additional attorneys’ fees could be recovered following settlement of a warranty claim.

Dispositive Motions
Summary Judgment in NJ Federal Court

The firm obtained summary judgment in New Jersey Federal Court based upon complex motor home litigation involving multiple experts.