Corporate Training/Seminars

Due to the unique requirements of many States’ lemon laws and other warranty laws, automotive manufacturers and distributors must ensure staff familiarity with relevant issues and implement best practices for handling customer concerns from the outset. RoseWaldorf routinely conducts corporate training and seminars for manufacturers and distributers, including call center, early resolution, and legal staff. Training and necessary materials are customized to large or small groups as needed to address and educate staff regarding basic legal issues related to warranty law, state lemon laws, and the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, as well as specific processes to ensure compliance with state laws. The RW team believes that with implementation of and adherence to processes and best practices tailored to the specific legal requirements, clients can address meritorious claims early on, increasing customer retention and decreasing costly litigation.

Of course, much of the factual basis for lemon law or warranty claims occurs at the dealership level where product complaints are made and services rendered. It is crucial that dealership staff understand and appreciate the unique role they play in preventing unnecessary claims and assisting manufacturers and distributors with timely complying with the various requirements of state warranty and lemon laws. RoseWaldorf presents to dealer service groups or regional service clubs on behalf of manufacturers to educate and assist dealerships in understanding the basics of lemon laws, how documentation and handling of customer complaints impacts an arbitration claim or lawsuit, and how to implement best practices in interacting with customers, properly documenting service visits, and elevating cases as needed.

In addition to internal corporate training, Managing Attorney Keith Rose has been a regular speaker at industry seminars and conferences. He has also been a regular speaker and panelist at the annual conference for IALLA, the International Association of Lemon Law Administrators, whose membership consists of state agency representatives primarily responsible for enforcement of state lemon laws.